7 Days In Life – 隔離七日情


This story tries to use the past incident during the swine flu just hit Hong Kong. A hotel with confirmed case of swine flu, was closed down 7 days for isolation. You can imagine people from all walks of life were gathered in the hotel for 7 days and many interesting stories can happen. Police officer CHIU CHIN-LUNG (Bosco Wong) follows some kidnappers to a hotel while on duty. As soon as he enters the hotel, the medical authorities announce the closure of the hotel after a guest is found positive for having the H1N1 virus.

While he was in the hotel, he meets all sorts of people including YIK CHO-ON (Steven Ma) who pretends to be a Thai-Chinese jeweller and his partner WONG KAR-YUE (Sonija Kwok). Although LUNG knows that ON has nothing to do with the kidnapping, he believes something sinister is going on with LUNG and YUE. He join hands with blundering reporter TONG CHING (Joyce Cheng) and AUYEUNG KA-KA (Lo Man Chong) to probe into the case.

As they try to investigate deeper, they are astonished by the guests’ stories and their real identities. The 7-day closure will be coming to an end. Will LUNG be able to find the hostage in time? Will the guests have a different outlook at life when they return to their normal lives? Would everyone’s life be the same after the 7 special days?

7 Days In Life – 隔離七日情

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