Show Me The Happy – 依家有喜 CH01-80 END


The nurse CHAI CHUEN (Michelle Yim) is the eldest of the three Chai siblings. Her sister, CHAI SUM (Annie Liu), and brother, CHAI CHEUNG (Kwok Chun On), are doctors specializing as gynecologist and pediatrician respectively. CHUEN’s husband, KOT YAT-TO (Paul Chun), is also a doctor. Together, the four run a clinic whose business every clinic wants. CHUEN and SUM have very different ways of handling people and things. This not only makes people around them confused as to whose suggestion to follow, but also results in rounds after rounds of hilarious episodes. Although CHUEN is the head of the family, it is SUM people in the clinic listen to when professional advice is required. CHEUNG is constantly caught between his two sisters, who go as far as meddling in his love affairs! CHEUNG is determined to run after the clinic’s new nurse, LUI YING-HUNG (Bernice Liu), no matter what his sisters say and not for a moment expecting that this will turn his life upside down. Later, he is arrested. When he realizes HUNG is indeed an undercover cop trying to gather information regarding a drug dealer case, the clinic is about to close down and no one if there is a turning point.

Show Me The Happy – 依家有喜

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